$397.00 USD


Daffertek 14 Day Video Challenge - Starting on 10/3/23

 My students have received millions of view on their animated videos after working through my course Meme Wizards Academy, and being personally coached by me.

Here's what you get: 

  • 1 Year of Daffertek Plugin Premiere Pro License & Plugin Download
  • 14 Day Wojak Editing Challenge
  • Dustin's Personal Phone number. Text me at any time for support or advice. 
  • 3 Group coaching calls
  • Instantly access 2 hours of Meme Wizards Academy Training
    • Learn Premiere Pro editing techniques
    • Learn Photoshop techniques
    • Learn sound design  techniques
    • Learn animation techniques
    • Learn to make thumbnails
    • Learn to tell stories that go viral
  • Over 2gb of meme psd, png and mp3 files to get you started
  • List of the secret tools youtubers use to make 10x more content


    The Challenge Starts on 10/3/23

If you would like to split the price into 2 payments you can do so here: 


14 Day Money-back guarantee. If you join the group calls, complete the training and create your video and don't have a stellar product, I will personally work with you to ensure your first video is exactly how you imagined it. If that still isn't good enough, you will be refunded.  

What People Are Saying:

I was looking for software to make wojak videos and there's nothing on the market. I'm so glad I found this!!